About CenUSA Bioenergy

Based on our vision of Midwestern regional system for producing advanced transportation fuels and bioproducts using perennial grasses grown on marginal lands, our research efforts are concentrated on ten objectives:

  • Developing cultivars and hybrids of perennial grasses optimized for bioenergy production.
  • Developing sustainable production systems that optimize perennial biomass yields and ecosystem services.
  • Developing flexible, efficient, and sustainable logistics systems.
  • Identifying and characterizing sustainable bioenergy systems to achieve social, economic, and environmental goals and understand socioeconomic and environmental consequences of perennial bioenergy systems.
  • Identifying germplasm characteristics amenable to pyrolytic conversion and evaluating performance of pyrolytic biofuels.
  • Evaluating policy, market, and contract mechanisms to facilitate broad adoption by farmers.
  • Developing procedures for managing risks and protecting health for each component of the biofuel production chain.
  • Providing interdisciplinary education and engagement opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Developing outreach programs for all stakeholders within the bioenergy system.
  • Commercializing perennial grasses.

More information about our project is available in the CenUSA Bioenergy Informational FlyerProject Narrative and Project Abstract.