Sustainable Feedstock Production Systems

The team conducts comparative analyses of the productivity potential and environmental impacts of the most promising bioenergy and bioproducts crops and management systems using a network of 17 fields strategically located across the Midwestern region. 

The overarching goal is to produce a quantitative assessment of the net energy balance of candidate systems and to optimize perennial feedstock production and ecosystem services on marginally productive cropland while maintaining food production on prime land. Evaluation of biochar and how it interacts with plants, soils and microbes in agro-ecosystems is a major focus. 

Project Directors


  • Sylvie Brouder, Purdue University
  • Michael Casler, University of Wisconsin
  • Indrajeet Chaubey, Purdue University
  • Emily Heaton, Iowa State University
  • Virginia Jin, USDA, Agricultural Research Service
  • John Lamb, University of Minnesota
  • DoKyoung Lee, University of Illinois
  • Richard Perrin, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Carl Rosen, University of Minnesota
  • Ron Turco, Purdue University
  • Brian Weinhold, USDA, Agricultural Research Service

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