C6 BioFarm iPad Game Launched

Ali Lenger
Newsletter Issue: 
October 2015

Kids playing game on tablet
Photo Credit: Jake Miller

On September 9, CenUSA’s researchers released C6 BioFarm, a new mobile game for the iPad that teaches children in middle school about the “carbon-based” bioeconomy.

The C6 BioFarm research team has been working over the summer to refine their game, moving it from a click and drag type game, to a more real, interactive game experience.

Student intern, Juan Venegas was key to creating the C6 BioFarm technology. He joined the team a year ago, brought on because of his unique computer programming skills. He programmed the app and worked with feedback from those who tested out the app before it was released. He also helped get the app approved by Trademark because the app used ISU's logo under the Extension and Outreach sponsorship. Venegas also worked with the Iowa State University app review committee because it is published under Iowa State's name.

“C6 wants young people to understand that creating a carbon-based economy is important,” said Abby Stanek, C6 BioFarm External Engagement Coordinator based at Iowa State University.

Stanek has two specific learning outcomes for the game, that users learn more about carbon and discover potential careers in bioenergy. The C6 BioFarm team is creating an iBook and a curriculum that teachers can use in the classroom.

“Right now there’s a huge push to use technology in the classroom, but teachers don’t always know the best way to implement that,” said Stanek. By creating an interactive game, materials available in iBook and a basic curriculum, C6’s sponsors CenUSA Bioenergy, Iowa NSF EPSCoR and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach will be able to help teachers educate students about the emerging carbon-based economy.

The app is available free of charge in the ITunes stores at the link below.