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This bimonthly newsletter is produced by CenUSA Bioenergy, a USDA-supported research project focused on designing a sustainable, perennial grass-based bioenergy system for the Midwest. Led by Iowa State University, the project is a partnership of scientists and extension specialists from Purdue University, the University of Illinois, University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska, University of Wisconsin, University of Vermont and the USDA Agricultural Research Service.

Midwestern Governors Association to host bioenergy resources meeting

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 to Saturday, September 30, 2017

Maximizing Bioenergy Resources in  the Midwest

The Midwestern Governors Association, as part of its America's Smartland series will hosting a meeting "Maximizing Bioenergy Resources in  the Midwest" in Iowa City October 11-12.

The meeting "will be a combination of selected high-level speakers and attendee discussion to synthesize lessons learned regarding the expansion of bioenergy resources in the American Midwest.


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