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Through our partnership with eXtension and the University of Vermont all our Extension and Outreach Fact Sheets and Research Summaries are available through the eXtension Farm Energy website. To access the resources, click on the links below. 


The Evaluation Team assesses learning and behavior change resulting from extension and outreach activities, compiling evaluation results and preparing reports, and coordination of team meetings. Sorrel Brown (Iowa State University) is CenUSA's lead evaluator.

Master Gardener and Youth Programs

Extension Master Gardeners

Is biochar a good soil amendment for home gardens?

To answer this question, University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardeners and Iowa State Master Gardeners are testing the productivity of vegetable and flower gardens amended with biochar at four Minnesota sites and three sites in Iowa from 2012-2015.

Demonstration gardens are planted each year with typical garden plants such as tomatoes, peppers and zinnias in beds that were applied with biochar prior to the first planting in year-one on the project.  No further biochar was, or will, be added during the duration of this project. These gardens are planted and maintained each season by Extension Master Gardeners and youth volunteers.  Growth and yield measurements are taken on plants at designated times of the season and compared across the sites to help determine any positive or negative effects of biochar on the garden plots.

Economics & Decision Tools

Economics & Decision Tools Team

The Team focuses on the development of crop enterprise decision support tools to analyze the economic possibilities associated with converting acreage from existing conventional crops to energy biomass feedstock crops. 


  • Tim Eggers, Iowa State University 
  • Chad Hart, Iowa State University
  • Ann Johanns, Iowa State University 
  • Bill Lazarus, University of Minnesota
  • Chad Martin, Purdue University
  • Richard Perrin, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Producer Research Plots

Producer Research Plots Team

This team focuses on four aspects of perennial crop and biochar agriculture:

Extension Staff Training

Extension Staff Training/Extension Team

This Team concentrates on creating and promoting professional development activities and a useful body of approachable educational materials for Extension educators and agricultural and horticultural industry leaders with a special emphasis on materials development.

  • Jill Euken, Iowa State University
  • Mark Hanna, Iowa State University
  • John Guretzky, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • Susan Hawkins, University of Vermont-Burlington
  • Amy Kohmetscher, The Ohio State University
  • Deana Namuth-Covert, The Ohio State University
  • Pam Porter, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Outreach & Extension

The Outreach and Extension team delivers science-based knowledge and informal education programs to farmers, the ag industry and to youth programs linked to 4H and FFA. The team produces extensive educational materials which are available in our Resource Library page.

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