In late September 2016, CenUSA began offering a free online course: Introduction to Perennial Grasses for Biofuels. The course is no longer active, but anyone can view and utilize pieces of the curriculum by going to this page http://osucfaes.catalog.instructure.com/courses/cenusa02.

CenUSA Bioenergy’s new on-line, self-paced course was intended for learners age 14 and up. The course, known as a MOOC* was developed by members of CenUSA's Education and Outreach and Extension Objectives and covered a variety of topics related to perennial grasses intended for use as biofuel.

Specific course topics included an introduction to perennial grasses as a feedstock, perennial grass growth and development, establishment of perennial grass stands, stand management, and biochar as a co-product.

Learners could discover these topics in a self-directed manner through the use of videos, extension articles, lessons, and quizzes. The course was free, open to the public and offers various participation badges.

Additional information regarding the course is available here:

*MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course