E-Media (April 2014)

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April 2014

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All of CenUSA Bioenergy videos/webinars are available on YouTube's CenUSA Bioenergy Channel and on our Vimeo CenUSA page, or you can just jump right in and watch directly from our site by clicking on the title links below. If you have any questions regarding our videos/webinars, drop us an email at cenusa@iastate.edu.

Enhancing the Mississippi Watershed with Perennial Bioenergy Crops

Today, non-point source pollution is the greatest threat to the nation’s water and the main reason why our waters remain polluted. The vast majority of these nutrients come from corn and soybeans production in the upper Midwest. These nutrients not only contaminate drinking water wells and local surface waters, but are chiefly responsible for the Gulf’s hypoxic zone, the largest hypoxic region in the U.S. and the second largest in the world. This CenUSA video focuses on the role perennial grass energy crops can play in improving water quality.


Switchgrass Economics in the North Central Region of the USA

Dr. Richard Perrin, professor at the University of Nebraska Lincoln Agricultural Economics Department and a CenUSA Bioenergy researcher presents information about switchgrass production costs, potential markets, and market values for switchgrass biomass.


Switchgrass Planting Practices for Stand Establishment

Stand establishment is critical to make growing switchgrass for biofuels economical. CenUSA and USDA-ARS researcher Rob Mitchell will walk you through the keys to successful switchgrass establishment.