Evaluation Materials

CenUSA's lead evaluator, Sorrel Brown (Iowa State University) prepared a series of evaluation "how-to" documents for CenUSA outreach and extension personnel to use in conducting in the field learning assessment.

Webinar Evaluation Questions

  • Questions to use for a webinar evaluation

Value of Introduction for Outreach Surveys

  • How to invite participants to take a survey

Evaluation Requirements for CenUSA Grant Colleagues

  • How to set up an evaluation protocol

Interviewing an Audience for Feedback on Biochar

  • How to set up an unstructured group interview

Human Subjects Review Protocol

  • Do you need to follow IRB guidelines?

Retrospective Pre-then-Post Survey Format – Master Gardeners

Retrospective Pre-then-Post Survey Format – Biofuel Producers

Retrospective Pre-then-Post Survey Format - Youth

  • Learn how to construct pre and post event surveys