Feedstock Conversion/Refining

The Feedstock Conversion/Refining team is preparing a detailed economic analysis of the performance of a biorefinery based on pyrolytic processing of biomass into liquid fuels.

  • Develop a lignin catalytic (ZSM5) pyrolysis response model for various temperatures and catalyst to biomass ratios;
  • Integrate the response data into a technoeconomic analysis model to assess the potential of converting perennial grasses, lignin and other biorefinery co-products to value‐added fuels and identified chemicals via catalytic pyrolysis; and
  • Provide technical and market targets to stakeholders of the commercialization objective; and
  • Develop high value markets for the biochar co‐product of biomass pyrolysis.

Feedstock Conversion/Refining Project Director

Feedstock Conversion/Refining Collaborator

  • David Laird, Iowa State University

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