Interested in mobile pyrolysis?

If you are a bioenergy fan and have not heard about the USDA-ARS FarmBio3 project you need to remedy that hole in your portfolio.      

FarmBio3 has a research summary. Exploring On-Farm Pyrolysis Processing of Biofuels available on the eXtension Farm Energy site that will give you the current low down on how "how on-farm processing could be part of a decentralized system of biorefineries located in villages, which are efficiently supplied with bio-oil from feedstocks grown and processed on surrounding farms."

FarmBio3 is part of the research effort from our colleagues at NewBioProject. Kwesi Boateng who is part of both CenUSA Bioenergy and the NewBioProject is pushing the envelope on where this exciting distributed technology can go.


Aug 03, 2015