Germplasm to Harvest

Rob Mitchell, Research Agronomist at the USDA Agricultural Research Service (Northern Plains) leads the Germplasm to Harvest research group. 

 There are four research teams in the Germplasm to Harvest group. Learn about what each team is up to and see what materials they have produced by clicking on the team links:


The Education team focuses on preparing the next generation of workers for the emerging bioeconomy.

The team concentrates on two primary goals:

  • Providing interdisciplinary training and engagement opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Developing a shared bioenergy curriculum core for the Central region of the United States

Project Directors

  • Raj Raman and Patrick Murphy, Iowa State University


  • Amy Kohmetscher, The Ohio State University
  • Dana Namuth-Covert, The Ohio State University 

Outreach & Extension

The Outreach and Extension team delivers science-based knowledge and informal education programs to farmers, the ag industry and to youth programs linked to 4H and FFA. The team concentrates on four goals and produces extensive educational materials which are available in our Resource Library pages


In August 2014 CenUSA added a Commercialization objective to the project portfolio to advance perennial grass commercialization opportunities. 

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) and Renmatix lead parts of this effort to commercialize perennial grasses. Each of our project Objectives will have elements of commercialization interwoven in them.