Producer Research Plots

Producer Research Plots Team

This team focuses on four aspects of perennial crop and biochar agriculture:

  • Perennial crops and biochar agriculture production, harvest, storage, transportation
  • Social and community impacts of expanded perennial crops and biochar agriculture
  • Producer and general public awareness of perennial crops and biochar agriculture
  • Certified Crop Advisor training


  • Fred Baxendale, University of Nebraska- Lincoln
  • Jamie Benning, Iowa State University
  • Greg Brenneman, Iowa State University
  • Keith Glewen, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • F.John Hay, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Chad Ingels, Iowa State University
  • Keith Johnson, Purdue University
  • John Lamb, University of Minnesota
  • Chad Martin, Purdue University
  • Patrick Murphy, Iowa State University
  • Deana Namuth-Covert, The Ohio State University
  • Brent Pringinitz, Iowa State University
  • Carl Rosen, University of Minnesota
  • Stephen Wegulo, University of Nebraska - Lincoln