Publication highlights need to understand effect of biomass production

Is increased biomass production What do we need to know about increased biomass production?

As production of bioproducts and biofuels from agricultural biomass becomes increasingly popular as part of the solution towards to a lower carbon world, scientists must develop a greater understanding of the effects of increased biomas planting.

The journal article Biogeochemical Research Priorities for Sustainable Biofuel and Bioenergy Feedstock Production in the Americas*, looks at the gaps in research on biogeochemical processes and ecosystem sustainability related to biomass production.

The full journal publication is available free of charge here. A summary is available from Biofuels Digest.

* Environmental Management
December 2015, Volume 56, Issue 6, pp 1330–1355 DOI: 10.1007/s00267-015-0536-7

Jun 28, 2016