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    CenUSA Bioenergy produces a variety of video content on a broad range of topics ranging from switchgrass production to perennials and the landscape. Our videos and webinars are available to viewembed and download from our own dedicated sites on Vimeo and You Tube. You can also link directly to the video/webinar by clicking on the titles listed below. If you have any questions about our videos and webinars, please send us an email to


  • Instructional Videos & Webinars


    Feedstock Development

    • Aphid Resistance in Switchgrass CenUSA Bioenergy. (Jun. 2013) Kyle Koch.
    • Plant Breeding to Improve Yield and Sustainability of Perennial Grasses   Vimeo YouTube
    • Plant Pathogen Risk Analysis for Bioenergy Switchgrass Grown in the Central USA    Vimeo     YouTube 
    • Entomology Research Examining Insect Populations & Exploring Natural Plant Resistance    Vimeo     YouTube
    • Switchgrass and Perennial Grasses, Biomass and Biofuels - Part 1     Vimeo     YouTube
    • Switchgrass and Perennial Grasses, Biomass and Biofuels - Part 2     Vimeo     YouTube
    • Switchgrass Production Industry Perspectives - David Stock, Stock Seed Farms     Vimeo     YouTube

    Sustainable Feedstock Production

    • Intro to No-Till Drill Calibration Training Video     Vimeo     YouTube
    • Drill Calibration Walk Through     Vimeo     YouTube
    • Switchgrass Planting Practices for Stand Establishment     Vimeo     YouTube
    • How to Measure Stand Establishment Using a Grid     Vimeo     YouTube
    • Commercialization Update: Opportunities for Perennial Biofeedstocks     Vimeo     YouTube
    • Switchgrass Cost of Production     Vimeo     YouTube
    • Switchgrass Establishment, Weed Control, and Seed Quality     Vimeo     YouTube
    • No-Till Drill Calibration Training     Vimeo     YouTube
    • An Overview of Switchgrass Diseases     Vimeo     YouTube
    • Perennial Herbaceous Biomass Biomass Production and Harvest in the Prairie Pothole Region of the Northern Great Plains

    Feedstock Logistics: Harvest and Storage

    • Harvesting Native Grass for Biofuel Production     Vimeo     YouTube
    • Optimizing Harvest of Perennial Grasses for Biofuel     Vimeo     YouTube
    • Switchgrass and Bioenergy Crop Logistics     Vimeo     YouTube

    System Performance

    • Enhancing the Mississippi Watershed with Perennial Bioenergy Crops     Vimeo     YouTube

    Feedstock Conversion and Refining

    • Biochar: An Introduction to an Industry     Vimeo     YouTube
    • Biochar 101: An Intro to Biochar     Vimeo     YouTube
    • University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener Biochar Research Summary     Vimeo     YouTube
    • Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass to Drop-In Biofuel     Vimeo     YouTube
    • Thermochemical Option: Biomass to Fuel     Vimeo     YouTube

    Markets and Distribution

    • Competition for Land Use: Why would the rational producer grow switchgrass for biofuel?     Vimeo     YouTube
    • Switchgrass Economics in the North Central Region of the USA     Vimeo     YouTube


    • CenUSA Commercialization Update from Rob Mitchell     Vimeo     YouTube