extension staff in front of CenUSA educational materials

Outreach & Extension

The Outreach and Extension team delivered science-based knowledge and informal education programs to farmers, the ag industry and to youth programs linked to 4H and FFA. The team produced extensive educational materials which are available in our Resource Library page.

Their goals included:

  • Developing perennial/biochar/bioenergy materials for ag producers and extension educators;
  • Creating awareness of the benefits of perennial and biochar agriculture and horticulture;
  • Establishing an Extension Master Gardener “citizen science” program for  researching the use of biochar in horticulture; and 
  • Stimulating adoption of Best Management Practices for perennial grass production, pyrolysis conversion of biomass to biofuels, and utilization of biochar as a soil amendment.
  • Conducting project evaluation by surveying learning activity participants.

2017 Outreach and Extension Overview

CenUSA Extension and Outreach: Perennial Grass Bioenergy Research and Knowhow for Producers, Students and Stakeholders

  • Learn how bioenergy research is translated into practical know-how by extension educators, farmers and Master Gardeners.

Project Directors

  • Jill Euken, Iowa State University

Outreach and Extension Teams

Extension Staff Training/eXtension Producer Research Plots/Perennial Grass
Economics & Decision Tools Health & Safety
Broader Public, Master Gardener & Youth Programs Evaluation & Administration

Outreach and Extension Collaborators

Fred Baxendale, University of Nebraska-Lincoln John Lamb, University of Minnesota
Jamie Benning, Iowa State University Bill Lazarus, University of Minnesota
Greg Brenneman, Iowa State University Yvonne McCormick, Iowa State University 
Mark Carlton, Iowa State University Chad Martin, Purdue University
Natalie Carroll, Purdue University Deana Namuth-Covert, The Ohio State University
Tim Eggers, Iowa State University Gwen Nugent, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Keith Glewen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Kathryn Orvis, Purdue University
John Guretzky, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Richard Perrin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lynne Hagen, University of Minnesota Brent Pringnitz, Iowa State University
Mark Hanna, Iowa State University Carl Rosen, University of Minnesota
Chad Hart, Iowa State University Denny Schrock, Iowa State University
Sue Hawkins, University of Vermont Charles Schwab, Iowa State University
John Hay, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Jay Staker, Iowa State University
Cynthia Haynes, Iowa State University Carol Tierney, Iowa State University
Chad Ingels, Iowa State University Stephen Wegulo, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Keith Johnson, Purdue University Julie Weisenhorn, University of Minnesota
Amy Kohmetscher, The Ohio State University